A corporate portal for employees

At the moment, the holding company includes 4 companies: regional commercial bank “Bank of Kazan”, leasing company “Leasing-Trade”, charity organization “V tvoyu polzu” and ID Personnel.

The managing company of the holding “8K” is involved in complex consulting of all holding companies in the sphere of finance, accounting, legal issues, marketing and HR. The specialists of the company conduct daily monitoring and accounting of the Holding’s activities.

Our task was to develop a closed corporate portal that will allow employees of companies to communicate, follow events, be aware of training programs and trainings and have permanent access to corporate documents and the electronic library.

Now each employee has the opportunity to present an idea and ask questions to the head of the company remotely, participate in projects, create reports, follow performance schedule and work with mentors and mentees.

In order to implement it, we have chosen CMS Drupal. This content management system is written in PHP and uses a relational database as a repository.

Team Leader: Eduard Murysin; Web Designer: Denis Klimontov; Chief Developer: Mihail Stebenkov.